Managing Shin Splint Pain

Shin Pain

Dealing With Shin Splints… Managing shin splint pain is never an easy task. Shin splints are the WORST.  As a track athlete for most of my life, I was always aware of the common ailments plaguing track athletes with hamstring strains and shin splints being the most common. From experience, I know that once shin splints begin to set…

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Overtraining: Too Much Of A Good Thing IS Bad

Tired Athlete

Learning The Hard Way: After my senior year of high school, when I was 18 years old, I was asked to compete in NCAA track & field.  I was fast, but by far not the fastest.  My best event in high school was the 300 meter hurdles.  I went on to become a 400 meter and 400 hurdle specialist…

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The Rotator Cuff: Tear, Impingement or Imbalance?

What Makes Up A “Rotator Cuff?” The Rotator Cuff (RC) is the grouping of muscles that keep the ball of the humerus into the socket of the shoulder.  When asked to describe the RC we like to use an analogy that’s similar to a radio microphone.  The humerus is suspended similar to a microphone by an internal shock mount.  The…

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